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[Macromolecular Materials and Engineering] front cover


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(Volume 308, Number 10 , October 2023)

Veasna Soum, Viktor Lehmann, Huckjin Lee, Sovann Khan, Oh-Sun Kwon, Kwanwoo Shin

A Novel Polymeric Substrate with Dual‐Porous Structures for High‐Performance Inkjet‐Printed Flexible Electronic Devices - Soum - 2023 - Macromolecular Materials and Engineering - Wiley Online Library

The cover image features a novel substrate, showcasing dual layers of pores. The upper layer filters nanoparticles through nano-sized pores, and the lower layer rapidly drains ink solvent via micro-scale pores. The result is high conductivity and resolution patterns, making it an ideal new substrate for fabricating flexible electronics via inkjet printing.